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Fiji Islands

Most people over 30 remember the movie "The Blue Lagoon" with Brooke Shields, this movie was filmed in Fiji. Fiji is a collection of over 300 islands in the South Pacific, the main island Viti Levu ( Translated to "big land") is home to the majority of the population and the international airport.

There are direct flights on Fiji Airways from LAX daily year round, priced from around $799 round trip and up. And also direct flights on Fiji Airways from SFO in the peak season which is June - October for similar rates. The flight time is just on 10 hours. You can also travel there via Hawaii if you wanted to break the trip up and spend a few days in Hawaii as well.

There are many choices one could make for a Fiji vacation, there is Denarau Island and Marina home to many of the larger Brand name hotels like Hilton, Sheraton, Sofitel. There is the many islands of the Mamanucas just of the coast from Denarau, there is the Yasawa Islands home to the blue lagoon, there is also the Coral Coast an area from Nadi down to Suva ( Fiji's capital ) which is home to many resorts along with Bega Island. You can also venture by air to other islands on the eastern side of Fiji like Taveuni ( famous for soft coral and great diving) and Islands like Qamea.

Octopus Resort Yasawa Islands

Fiji is a great destination if you want to swim, snorkel, dive, fish, and sunbath, the ocean is always warm never less than 79 F year round. It's a perfect destination for an inexpensive sunset beach wedding, or that romantic honeymoon.

Also your dollar goes a lot further as $1 USD buys at present $2.09 Fijian. So that $9 FJD beer is just over $4 US.

Many of the hotels are single story, or separate villas and many have 40 or less rooms so the service is very personal, and many times during the day it feels like nobody is around until it's mealtime.

Fijian's are also known around the world as one of the most friendliest peoples in the world. Fijian's are taught school in english so there is no real communication issues.

Visiting Fiji is like Hawaii was in the 60's, very laid back, and not at all commercial , its always "Fiji Time".

We have Fiji and South Pacific Experts on our team who can help you plan your idea Pacific Island adventure.

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