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Never Leave Home Without It

  1. Plastic Baggies – In case you need to pack something that you forgot about to get through security.

  2. 2) Socks – to put on to go through security and keep your feet clean

  3. Phone chargering bank/charger – Never run out of juice while you are traveling!

  4. Empty water bottle – fill it up after you go through security. Stop paying for overpriced water at the airport

  5. Cord organizer – helps to keep all those cords for electronics that you bring with you organized Click Here

  6. Snacks - pack yourself some snacks because there is nothing worse than your stomach grumbling while you’re sitting on your plane en route to your destination.

  7. Valuables - always bring anything valuable with you on your carry-on. You never know if it’s going to get lost or stolen.

  8. Earphones – always good to have your own

  9. Wipes - You should always keep a package of travel wipes in your carry-on. Wiping down the trays is a good reason why

  10. Toiletries- If you are stranded or late or canceled, good to have a change of clothes, toothbrush and paste and whatever else you find a necessity

  11. Medication - You would have a bunch of hoops to jump through to get another prescription on top of trying to get your checked luggage recovered. Save yourself the headache and just throw it into your carry-on even if you know you won’t need it on your flight.

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