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Greece Is Calling

There is nothing quite like a week in the summer in Greece, one of my favorite places to stay is the ever popular Mykonos Island. You can fly into Athens and then it's best to connect a domestic flight direct to Mykonos, as it's a long drive from Athens airport to the city and then a long ferry ride to Mykonos.

One of my favorite hotels to stay at is located on a great beach its Hotel Mykonos Blanc on Ornos Beach, they have summer rates starting from $600 USD a night this is a luxury property.


This hotel is just special, they have a great location right on the beach, a pool and many great amenities, and their restaurant and bar is just amazing serving up a variety of great food with a Japanese focus. There are many other great dining options along the beach, and you are only a short drive or taxi ride to the port and all the shopping and other dining out options.

We can help you plan a great vacation to Greece whether it's land based on on a yacht, or island hopping by ferry. We have extensive knowledge of Greece from the Cyclades, Peloponnese and Ionian Islands as well as Athens and the mainland.

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