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Holiday Season Cruise with the Kids

A few years ago i took my teenage kids on a Christmas to NYE cruise on a Royal Caribbean Ship in the Caribbean, it was one of the best vacations every, i thought to myself that it would be a bit busy on such large ships, i was surprised by the standard of service and the overall product compared to the likes of Crystal Cruises, and the ships are so setup for kids, my son made a ton of new friends, and was always in a hurry to finish his meal and escape to the kids area.

The new years eve celebrations on the ship were amazing, floating on the ocean under the stars in the middle of the caribbean music playing people dancing and all having so much fun.

There are still many options available for 7 - 9 day cruises over the holidays, i would recommend a Freedom Class ship or newer, and destinations like St Maarten, St John's and the like over Mexico or Porto Rico. Starting from around $1100 per person.

And if you have time a great idea is to add a day or two at each end in Miami as well to ease in and out of your holiday.

We can help you arrange that last minute Cruise holiday with your kids so give us a call, if you are looking to run away from cooking over Christmas and want a great NYE party to attend !!

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