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London Still Calling

Thanks to Brexit London is looking more affordable than ever for a visit. The pound is down from 1.50 USD to just over $1.24 USD making the UK 20% cheaper to visit than a year ago.

A lot of people when visiting London stay on the left side of the river in places like Knightsbridge and Chelsea which have their own unique charm, however there is a very cool spot just over the river near the tower bridge and the tower of London, here you can mix with the locals in a very cute neighbourhood with lots of great pubs, and places to eat, and walk to the bridge and the tower of London. There is a tube station close by which can get you to all the other major attractions. I really likes this hotel below and it has rates below $200 USD a night. There are also great airfares out of SFO available now for the summer under $600 USD, so you can have a week in London for under $2600 with breakfast included.

The Bermondsey Square Hotel

I tripped over this property when visiting friends in London one year, stayed three times so far, all excellent, rooms are very slick, and beds super comfortable, the bathrooms are very nice, the bar and restaurant is good for a quick drink or breakfast (although there are a few nice spots very close by.) The location is great, only a 5 min walk to tower bridge. Loads and loads of great restaurants like Zucca, Pizarro, Antico (particularly good) and a great pub with a outdoor garden all on Bermondsey Street which leads down towards london bridge station and the tower bridge. You get to feel like a local, no tourist trap eateries in this area.

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