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Corfu - Yes it's still Greece

This Greek Island definitely should be on your to visit list. Its is much greener than the typical Greek Island one pictures in their mind. It is located between Italy and Greece in the Ionian Sea. There are direct flights in the summer from London (3 hours) under $120 , and from Athens (1 hour) for under $70.

Corfu culturally and architecturally was strongly influenced by both the French and the English, both having held the islands of and on over in the distant past.

So you will find both beautiful buildings and beautiful people.

The main island has many beaches, lots of great shopping and superb restaurants.

One option is to stay out of town at the Eva Palace Hotel which is located here they have great rooms from $300 a night in the summer and all the way up to $1500 for a private bungalow with its own pool.

Another option if you want to be closer to the action is :

Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel

This is located much closer to the city and is a very nice option with rates in the summer from $120 a night.

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