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Fiji On Sale Jan 20th - March 21st 2020

Super low fares to Fiji are on sale now until 10th April 2019.

Fares from SFO from $428 round trip for Adults , children 75% of adult fare.


Valid for travel commencing on/after 20 January 2020 and completed on/before 31 March 2020.


Valid for sales effective 03 April 2019 until 10 April 2019.



A. At any time the ticket is non-refundable

B. Penalties waived for certified death of passenger or immediate family – spouse/child/parent.

C. For fare upgrades, only the upgrade portion is available for refund


A. Changes permitted at least 24 hours prior to ticketed departure.

B. Any change requires a ticket reissue fee of USD130

C. Reissue must be within 72 hours of the reservation change being confirmed.

D.If the same class of travel is available only reissue fee applies within the sale validity of the fare.

If the same class is not available the fare may be upgraded to a higher level subject to availability with payment of the fare differential plus reissue fee.

E. Child and Infant discounts apply

F. Voluntary rerouting/rebooking at the airport on the day of departure must be upgraded to the next available BULA PLUS fare fee with reissue.


A.Children: 2-11 years inclusive – charge 75% of accompanying adult fare.

B. Infants: Under 2 years: 1st Infant – Charge 10% of accompanying adult fare.

2nd and subsequent - Charge 75% of accompanying adult fare

Infant: Under 2 years occupying a seat – Charge 75% of accompanying adult fare.

C. Unaccompanied child 5-11 years – Charge 75% of the available adult fare.

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